• Robert Raiti

Raiti lawyers is eligible for Legal Aid in the areas of criminal and family law. Understanding how to apply to legal aid can be difficult so we have made the process easier by attaching some of the basic information required to be eligible for legal aid.

It is as follows:

Whether the applicant is on Centrelink or unemployed, the applicants overall assets, child support and child maintenance payments. Applicants who rely on full Centrelink payments for their income are eligible under the income requirements. However, other applicants are required to provide their gross weekly income and the number of people who rely on that income for consideration in the income test. If you have any more questions or queries about your eligibility for legal aid please fill out our contact forms and we will endeavour to get back to you. Alternatively, please feel free to take a look in the legal aid link posted below for any other information you are looking for.

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